A Low Maintenance Routine

Isabella Jonathan

Posted on February 21 2019

A Low Maintenance Routine


Weekday mornings can be difficult and some of us prefer to sleep in a little longer.  You may not have much time each morning for a full beauty routine.  Even the “no make-up” look requires make-up.    

Besides the amount of money and time it takes to use so many different beauty products, the amount of toxic chemicals that are in most of them are bad for your health.  Layers of chemicals, heavy metals, synthetic thickeners, and preservatives are being dabbed, smeared, and brushed into your skin.  Overtime, these chemicals will dry out your pores and make your skin look dull; leaving you to rely on these products to give your skin a glow.  Organic skincare products actually improve the overall health of your skin by providing the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids & natural chemicals that your skin needs, and is being deprived of.   


Lucid Balance: Cleanser 

This is best for absorbing oil, while still protecting your skin's natural moisture barrier; thanks to Sacha Inchi oil.  The scent of Lemongrass will invigorate, and calm you at the same time.  It produces a nice lather, with no toxic chemicals. 

 It is also great for men to use while shaving their face!


Velvet Vitality: Hydrating Gel

Due to the significant amount of Lemongrass oil; it is best for individuals with Oily Skin & Acne.  Lemongrass Oil actively kills, and loosens microbes (blackheads).     

Tip: apply a lot at night, and then make a simple face mask with Green Clay & water.  Remove the mask before it dries, and it will remove your blackheads for a smooth, fresh glow.  This is a safer, more effective alternative to peel off masks.

If you do wear powder or foundation: the Aloe Vera juice makes it the perfect makeup primer!  It instantly absorbs into your skin; providing the perfect primed finish.  Make sure to not apply to eyelids because the essential oils are not safe for eyes.   


 Full-Filled: Lash & Brow Boost Serum

Applying this serum will ensure a significant boost to your brows and lashes. This will eliminate the need for micro-blading, lash extensions, and false lashes. These treatments cost a lot of money, damage skin, and lashes, and require regular maintenance. Growing your eyebrows and lashes organically is the healthier option, and provides long term results.  This serum is also great for beards and the scalp!

The best method for eyebrows to achieve faster results is to first use a Derma Roller on your eyebrows to open up the hair follicles (be careful to not use it on the eyelid).  Apply a thick layer to the point where it is visible; so you get fuller results faster.  Use it while you are at home during the day, preferably while not wearing make-up.  If you are applying the serum at night, make sure to do it at least 2-4 hours before going to sleep.  This will ensure more absorbency so the serum does not immediately wipe off onto your pillow, and also get into your eyes.  If you do happen to get the serum in your eyes, it is okay for your health; however it may result in puffy eyes, so make sure the serum has time to absorb into your lash line and hair follicles to work its magic.  The longer the serum is on, the larger the boost.   


The boost is worth the wait, and you will save tons of money in the future.   

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