Practicing Reiki

Isabella Jonathan

Posted on August 26 2019

Practicing Reiki


I begin each session by having the client lay on the table with a pillow under their head, and sometimes underneath their knees.  A blanket is available if they like, and I smudge the room with white sage before and after a session to cleanse the energy.  I play different frequencies, depending on what Chakra needs more balancing, which I learn during the intake.  I feel that playing a positive frequency helps to increase the client’s vibration, and allows them to fall asleep easier, so their bodies can relax and restore during the session.  I ask the client to close their eyes, and while they’re getting comfy, I draw two Japanese symbols on both hands with my finger.  Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol which means “power of the Universe”, and the second symbol is Sei He Ki; which represents mental and emotional healing to become one.



                          Cho Ku Rei                      Sei He Ki


I then put my hands on their shoulders to connect with their energy, because it is always necessary to ask before you make the connection.  This ensures that the client is okay with you altering their energy field since it is such a personal decision.

The benefits of Reiki are emotional and mental; which allows you to feel a deeper connection to the energy around you, which helps you develop a more spiritual understanding.  Having a spiritual connection means that you feel genuinely safe within who you are, and know that the authenticity of your existence is truly loved by the Initial Creator.  Sometimes we can doubt this connection when life challenges us in ways we feel we may not be able to handle; however, Reiki is one form of centering yourself to bring you back into alignment with the Higher Love that created us.  This form of healing is great to incorporate with other practices that help you feel a deeper connection to your being and the Initial Creator.  It will make you feel lighter, relaxed, and ultimately at peace with yourself; which will attract more positive experiences. 

The practice of Reiki is ultimately to transfer Universal energy through both palms.  I allow my mind to clear so that I can be open to this energy.  I also practice a Hawaiian Healing phrase, which is to say your name, followed by “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I forgive you”.  This allows me to become centered and to raise my vibration.  The intention of this form of healing is to heal yourself; by showing yourself understanding in order to help others heal themselves.  I practice these techniques on the seven main Chakras and the different body parts depending on the Client’s energetic needs during the session.  It is also good to ask the client if they are comfortable with touch because Reiki can also be done by simply holding your hands over a specific area.

I end the session by visualizing a big ball of White Light above the Client’s head and I picture it surrounding their body all the way down to their feet; creating a bubble around them as a protective shield against negative energies.  You can also practice this on yourself to increase your vibration on a daily basis.  Once this is done, I let the client know that they can sit up, and then I “ground” them before they stand by running my hands down their back three times, and down their calves, and hold their ankles to help their feet feel secure.  It is important to drink a lot of water after receiving and practicing a session to balance your energy from the shift.

Reiki ultimately provides benefits for the Client and Practitioner.  The Practitioner must transfer energy from the Initial Creator instead of transferring their energy.  If a Practitioner transfers their own energy, they will feel drained afterward.  Connecting with the Universal energy will leave both individuals feeling light and energized. 

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