My name is Isabella Jonathan, and I have had an unusual journey.

I was born with a two-pound tumor.  This specific condition is referred to as a 'Teratoma'.  I was three pounds, and it was located on my lower body, which took the place of my Gluteal muscles.  It was removed when I was born, and I am missing those muscles.  Once it was removed, I was considered “normal” because no one could see it.  My pain was covered by my clothing, and my suffering was silent.  I have dealt with a lot of ignorance about my condition.  When an issue is dismissed, it makes you feel invalidated and unworthy.

In my attempts to “fix” myself; I have had multiple reconstructive surgeries starting at the age of 17; that were mainly fat transfers.  The last surgery I had and the last elective surgery I will have involved relocating nerves and a muscle.  These procedures were an alternative to implants.  The recent surgery shocked my nervous system, and the first sign of illness was hair loss.  My body was in fight-or-flight response for a few years, and I was unable to handle stress properly.  This made coping with everyday life seem impossible, and I began to isolate myself from others.  Four years after the surgery, I discovered the Herb Milky Oat Seed which healed my nervous system and has ultimately inspired me to become a Clinical Herbalist in the future. 


How I Created Blessed Alchemy 

I had spent a lot of money on skincare products in the past due to a long struggle with acne, and none of them had worked.  I had a lot of internal toxins that were contributing to my acne; however, the products I was investing in were made with toxic chemicals.  I also wanted a healthy product for my hair loss to regrow the thick, curly hair I had.  I began making products in my kitchen, and I ended up creating a healthy topical solution for oily skin & hair loss.   After four years of research, and development; I had been given the opportunity to start my own business, hire an Organic Cosmetic Chemist, and attend school to become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.  


Reiki Healing

I had learned Reiki as part of the program and decided to become certified and practice it for a living because I feel centered afterward.  I also studied Intuitive Arts, Emotional Healing, and other types of energy healing; such as Vibrational Healing, Chakra Healing, Spiritual Healing, and Sound Energetics, and they have helped my abilities in Reiki; by providing a deeper understanding of energy work.  When I practice Reiki I go within myself and focus on the client’s well-being to transmute any negative energy into positive energy; by working with White Light.  I receive Reiki as well, and I have experienced a significant improvement in my energy in regards to mental illness.  The rise in mental illness is ultimately due to a lack of respect for Empathy.  Having our feelings validated opens up space to let go, and truly move on.  I am here to help individuals heal themselves by offering empathy & support to create a safe space to be authentic.